Motivation through your Calling

I told myself that I would give this writing thing five books before I give up on it. I may have to retract that statement because I’ve started book #4, A Wonderful Change (the third book in The K(no)w Series), and I’m hooked as an author. I get feedback from readers and it drives me toward writing my next piece. I learn other skills that help with the marketing of my books, and I desire to become a better business woman for this industry.

Just last week, I produced and published my first book trailer. I enjoyed the process of piecing items together to portray the message I thought would be alluring enough for people to inquire and purchase or download the book. Every step motivated me to write more. I think I’m going to be an author until the day I die. I won’t retire from this.

I hope that whatever career path you have chosen for your life, you feel the same way about it as I do about writing and education. Life is much sweeter when you operate in your calling.

While meditating on that, watch the book trailer I produced here.

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Pausing in one area, Progressing in another


After much prayer and consideration of other things going on in my life, I have opted to take a year off from my grad school pursuits. For the first two or three days after the decision, I felt like I had something to do, but I just didn’t know what it was.  Then, it dawned on me: with the recent release of Consequences and Repercussions, the second book in The K(no)w Series, I have a responsibility to market it as much as possible and to start on the third book, A Wonderful Change.  Just tonight, I created an ad on Facebook for C&R and I tweeted my commitment to starting A Wonderful Change tomorrow.  Early readers of C&R are already asking questions about what is going to happen in the next book.  I know, but I have to put it on paper… of course, the characters may change the flow of the book all together!

ImageWhile I pause my academic pursuits (briefly!), I will dive straight into my writing as a way to keep my brain active and engaged! Besides, there are readers out there who need the message in these books, and I’m fully aware of that. This is the time I will address that need!


E. Marie

Hello, again!

I just sat and reviewed a few blog entries that I posted and realized that I fell into the same pattern I was in before: being faithful to this blog, but then disappearing for months at a time. Again, I apologize, and reintroduce myself. Hi; I’m E. Marie Sanders, and I’m an occasional blogger!

Since you have heard from me last, I have started my third semester of my doctorate program – still plugging away at it and I still battle with desires to quit – I have my third print and Kindle book coming out this month – within weeks – and I’m in the switching roles portion of my life, where I am the caregiver for a parent who once took care of me. Indeed, life has been busy, and will continue to be, but the key thing I want to share with everyone is that all we experience has purpose for our making. Continue to push forward in order to become all you’re supposed to be!

Take care! *wink

E. Marie

Reasons NOT to Quit

As I sit her on a flight on the way home from my second doctorate residency with Lesley University, I’m reflecting on the idea I had a few months ago about quitting the program. I experienced some difficult, bumpy moments during the pivotal first semester of the program, and with almost every adversity, I declared that I should quit while I’m ahead and “let the chips fall where they may”. Through every frowned face I made and tears I shed, members of my support circle constantly encouraged me in my studies. They reminded me that my temporary discomfort only strengthens me for the attainment of the overall goal.

Unlike I have done in any other blog entry, I feel the need to share with you a list: four reasons not to quit whatever you’re going after. I don’t know if it’s keeping your marriage together, an academic pursuit, weight loss, or a host of other things – truth be told, it doesn’t matter what it is. You’re in it, and this is why you shouldn’t quit:

1. You have invested far too many resources into it to this point. I’m not just speaking of money, but I’m also looking at your time and talent as well. Time is way to valuable to place a price tag on it and your talent shouldn’t be wasted on something you give up on. Stick with it because your journey is valuable and worth the investment.

2. Your character and influence depends on it. Somewhere within this journey, you have told someone that you’re doing what you’re going after. Whether you wanted to or not, you have encouraged that person by your testimony. To say you’re going to do something and to quit in the midst of it reshapes your character, and not for the good, either. Quitting in the midst of trying to achieve something makes you look like a failure and causes you to loose just a little of your influence. Enduring is better than loosing a bit of your character and influence. (Those are hard to develop and get back.)

3. You won’t reach your goal if you quit. There is no way I’ll become the dean of a school of education if I quit my doctorate program. Sure, I could stop and then start again later, but it will take me longer to start again than to push through this now. Quitting causes us to back peddle, waste time, and delay the blessings that are due to us. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time to waste.

4. If you quit, you won’t see what’s on the other side of adversity. Yes, last semester was extremely difficult for me, but the beginning of this semester has been extraordinary. It’s as if I understand things clearer now and experiencing a little more academic success. If I would have quit, I wouldn’t be experiencing this and I would wallow in a failure spirit wrapped inside of quitting.

I could go on and on because there are literally thousands of reasons why we should not quit going after the goals before us! Stay focused and push through the difficulties. You’ve invested too much, quitting says something negative about you, you will not reach your goal, and you’ll never see the other side of your pursuit.

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What is Pretty?

In the middle of December, I had an appointment to get a set of tree braids, cornrows that has extensions pulled through the braid in order to create the illusion of either a weave or wig hairstyle. I think they look great, they compliment my face, and they save me time getting ready in the morning in regards to my hair. However, I have noticed, since the day I got my hair done, a level of attention I forgot about when I used to wear half wigs, weaves, or when I would flat iron my own hair. My husband pointed out the level of attention when he noticed a number of men “checking me out.” I reassured him by telling him that they were just trying to figure out if they knew me or not, but it got me to thinking about why these men were staring me down. I don’t receive that much attention when I decide to wear my hair curly (natural), so what’s the deal? Is something so superficial as hair a determining factor on one’s beauty?

I have worn my hair straight/flat ironed for a majority of my life. I’ve always received compliments on it; others would remark on how long and “pretty” it is and how they like it like that. Just two or three years ago, I tried some natural products that would define the natural curl pattern in my hair, and I loved the way it looked. Instantly, the compliments stopped and were replaced with statements like, “Your hair looks nice, but I like it straight better…” and “You look better with straight hair…” First and foremost, to think that the style of my hair determines my physical beauty blows my mind! This isn’t even my hair that people are complimenting me on or appreciating me, but the artificial strands are enough to invite stares of admiration? What in the world…

I have clear skin. I take care of my teeth. I have a great personality. I’m a nice person. I try to keep my spirit in contact with God so His spirit in me can show on the outside, but you mean to tell me that the style and length of my hair trumps all of that? Wow… That blows my mind.

All the unwarranted attention has made me want to go home on some nights and take the artificial hair out. It does not define my true beauty – God does.

So, let me ask you. What is pretty? I look forward to your replies!



Emotional Purgatory

At this moment, I’m at a car dealership 30 miles away from my home in the process of finalizing paper work for my husband’s new-to-him (used) car. We’ve gone through the financing process and in just a few moments, we will drive away with a 2010 white BMW 528I. It’s very pretty, drives nice, and is just the type of car that my husband wanted (Really, he wanted a 7 series, but that car is just not in the budget! $$$$).

I’m just feeling a little emotionally spent within this car purchase because I don’t know if I’m jealous that he got a car — but I don’t think that’s it simply because I love not having a payment, and my truck is paid for! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he’s so excited and I can care less since I know I won’t be driving it for at least another 6 or 7 months. I have to laugh at myself because he needed one. This purchase was not a matter of wanting. What I do know is that this purchase has me numb to a point where I’m just glad that the process is almost over!

Okay – followers, forgive me if this posting didn’t make sense! I may be numb to what I’m writing too, hence the title of the entry!

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Procrastination Should Not Be Our Motivation

Anyone who has waited until the last moment to complete something knows the pain and strain that comes with procrastination. Your body gets tense and your heart rate jumps because you’re racing against time, hoping that some type of divine inspiration falls out the sky and allows you to complete your task just before the deadline expires.

That’s how I feel right now as I stare down a paper I have been given two extensions on, and today is THE day that I have to turn it in. I need to turn it in. It has become a monkey on my back and I want it off!

Unfortunately, I do my best writing under pressure or when I’m inspired. Things don’t flow out of me as I would like them to when I have too much time to get it done. It’s not until I feel a little heat that makes me accomplish the task before me, regardless of the amount of time I have to do it!

Please, leave your comments on procrastination and how you deal with it. I have to run. By posting this blog entry, I’m procrastinating – I have to finish an annotated bibliography!

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